Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Birthday Boy's Feast

What a birthday we had
Rejoicing with Richard
Our beautiful birthday boy.

We first went to Mamie’s
To weed the garden
And play with her power toys.

The tiller wouldn’t start
The weeds wouldn’t budge
We hoed, hustled, and pulled.

We were determined
To beat the rains
Of which the clouds were full.

We got the job done
Almost killing ourselves
We had plans for a birthday feast.

Our chef friend Holly
Was cooking for us
In a town to our southeast.

She served us pasta
With fresh shrimp
Scallops and asparagus,

Tomato salad,
And fruit trifle --
She really made a fuss.

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  1. Y, I liked this post. I also liked the layout! Hope I can eventually say a lot in fewer words. LOL