Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mountain Mama Mamie Mostly Gives Advice

Mountain Mama Mamie mostly gives us advice,
Even though she’s weeded a row more than once or twice.
She oversees our labors and wants to push a plow;
But Richard says, at ninety, she should leave that to him now.

We’re pleased that she will teach us although we’re city slickers;
There’s only so much we can learn from textbooks and pictures .
She says her gardening days are over, while ours have just begun;
But working without Mamie isn’t nearly as much fun.

What could be better than sharing the wonders of growing
The plowing, the planting, the tending, and the sowing?
Unless it’s the joys of cooking, tasting and canning --
All the late summer events that we’re planning.


  1. You are so blessed to have Mamie around to teach the old ways. She's seen a lot in her 90 years, and there's so much she still has to share. Keep her close; keep her content. She will be content as long as she feels needed.

  2. I like sound advice froma tried and true source, sounds like you all have found the source.
    Yeah the tasting and cooking will be the icing on the cake. WE had a tomato plant die, so Sherry fixed squash and fried Green tmatoes.
    This is a 'Let me make you hungry' post.

  3. Your words and Mamie make me really miss my Grams. There was still so much to learn from her. Making your own memories with your gardening experiences will surly make Mamie proud.
    BlessYourHearts for loving her