Monday, August 16, 2010

See You Later, Alligator

“Laugh, and the world laughs with you; weep, and you weep alone.”
-Ella Wheeler Wilcox

It has been almost a year since I began this (almost daily) blog, hoping to find the same joy in online friends that I used to enjoy in friends in-the-flesh. I still miss all the opportunities to “press the flesh” with friends and family who share our past as well as our present.

There has been much sorrow as well as joy in our lives in the last year, but I have focused mostly on the positive. People have their own problems; they really can’t add those of others, especially those issues over which they have no control, to their burdens.

Summer offers so much activity and so many people to share with, that it’s easy to find the fun to share with readers. Now that the garden is, for the most part, gone, and the school sessions are starting, we’ll be facing much solitude -- good for finishing long-neglected projects, like publishing my own work, but bad for tales of fun and frolic. And my travel wings have been clipped for the foreseeable future.

This leaves me with nothing to share but my deepest philosophies and feeling, and I really don’t want to put those up on the internet. Richard has told me for years that if I thought Salmen Rushdie got himself into hot water, wait until I publish what I think about. He has also reminded me that if I get burned in my bed, he will burn alongside me. So, I’m signing off on my daily blog.

Thanks for the encouragement.
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  1. I'm pretty thick sometimes, but it sounds like you are serious. The See you later Alligator, seems to say see you at a later time. So I will be looking for more entries from the Tennessee Mt. Home in the future. IF not it has been fun and an interesting read.

    Publish your thoughts, maybe under another name!!!! hahahahahahahaha

  2. Hmmm... Y, now it's time to start blogging about all the hunting you mountain folk get to do! ☺ I have thoroughly enjoyed the blogs I have read which you posted! I have a friend who is a first cousin to Jerry Lee Lewis and Mickey Gilley and Jimmy Swaggart. His name is David Beaty and he'll be playing and singing at the Tellico Plains Church of God on September 25th. I mention it because I thought you might like to have an evening out and hear someone with a Louisiana accent. ☺☺☺

  3. Y, I have been at this a yr. also and have needed a break. My computer was down for awhile, but now that it's back up, I still feel as tho I need more time to ' back up ' a bit. I'm not sure if it's just something in the air, or all of the emotional turmoil of late. I think God is telling me to take a detour for awhile too.
    I love what you write, but understand too, when we need to depart for awhile.
    God Bless Your Journey As We Wait For Your Return.
    LoveAndPrayers From WI