Friday, August 20, 2010

Soul Soothing

The ever-moving, ever changing wildness of the water
Soothes my sorrowful soul in ways that nothing else can match.
I don’t need to be on it, I simply need to see and smell it
To keep me ever-mindful that nothing living remains the same.

The trees in the forest whisper and swish, also ever moving;
But not with the seething, soaring sounds of surf upon the shore.
I feel like I’m caught in a lullaby trying to quiet my quest for better,
Especially in the dead of winter when our wooded world turns to gray.

Winter weather on the water is not the same as summer storms,
That roll in, touch down, destroy much, and then they’re gone.
But the winter’s gray sky becomes one with the rippling water,
And the low light glints rainbows on the air around the land.

I love and desperately long for living on the water;
Happily taking my chances on being washed out to sea.
I’d be more comfortable braving the height of a hurricane
Than suffocating slowly in the bosom of Mother Earth.

People who have spent their childhoods on a rural route
Seem quite content with waiting for nature to run her course.
When one is mostly defined as a woman at war with the world,
It’s difficult, at sixty, to become a woman who waits.


  1. ahhhhhh, why does this sound like 'The Cajun's lament?'
    It is easy to see that someone misses the smell of water lapping near the back door.

    Maybe the gray of winter will wrap you up.

    And then this causes me to say what I have quoted since 1959...

    Need help? ifs no buts,
    It's cajun's fer dem burns and cuts....

    Hang in there mountain lady.

    Love comes from the home of the Pony Express, St. Joe, Mo.

  2. Y, you can always go down for a couple of weeks during hurricane season and satisfy that longing for the sea. Then come back to the mountains just in time for spring! I warn you though, if you go down in the months of December/January, the cold salt-water in the air is colder than you remember right now! We used to travel home to the gulf coast of central Florida when I was a boy growing up, so that's the voice of experience. ☻