Saturday, October 30, 2010

Here's to My Baby Boy

Many people have problems with celebrating Halloween;
My baby boy was born then, making me feel like a queen.
He was a blond and blue-eyed angel with a million dollar smile;
All I could imagine was that he is a magical child.
He made my days a wonder; he made my days a joy;
He was my own precious and funny baby boy.

I'd speak to him for hours as he looked into my face
I knew that his life was a gift of My Creator's grace.
His sister always thought that he was her own special doll;
We came close to worshiping him, trying to protect him from a fall.
But every baby bird eventually outgrows the nest,
And he must prove his talents, or try his very best.

We've looked on in wonder as he's become a husband and a dad,
The most dear friend and protector any family ever had.
So, for any who believe that Halloween should be negated,
We, my son's family, think it must be celebrated.
Here's to Scott, our pride and joy and source of much mirth;
May we all be here to celebrate with you many more years on earth.


  1. It is special to love your off spring. To adore them as they are children seeing the cute learning things they all go through.
    BUT, it is great when you can be proud of them on top of that.
    A great 'DEEP FEELING' entry.

  2. Y, Having given birth to such children, you have good cause to celebrate at this time of year!