Friday, October 29, 2010

Running Myself Ragged

What a whirlwind this trip promises to be! After getting Nikki back to her home and family, her daughter and I made lasagna for their family and Nikki's dad and step mother. In addition to dropping off the lasagna and a "thank you" bouquet for her dad and step mom's help in her daughter's care during her absence, I stayed for a visit with my former brother-in-law, his niece, and his wife. It was a surreal experience sitting in the home where my niece and my sister used to live, visiting with my niece's cousin with whom I share so many early memories of Nikki and her dad, as well as those of my sister and her other three children.

I was invited to spend the night, but became overwhelmed with conflicting emotions and bolted for the door, suitcase in hand. Because I ran too late to arrive at a comfortable hour at my son's home in Mississippi, I woke in a motel close to the home of my son. He's having his Halloween birthday bash tonight, two nights before his birthday, because he "has to" go to the Saints game on Sunday. My son's parties are legendary on the coast, but they're a bit too bawdy even for me. So I come down to help in preparations and childcare. I'm just itching to get my mitts on my grandson and granddaughter.

My niece Melanie still doesn't know I'm in town, as I'm waiting to find out where I'll be tonight with the kids. Melanie's boys have been spirited away for the weekend by their Aunt Marjerrie, so I won't be getting any baby slobbers just yet. Maybe I'll just check us all into a motel with a heated pool, although I'm hoping to spend the evening making lasagna and carrot cake with Miya, Nicholas and their friends.

Tomorrow, I hope to spend some good "girl" time with my daughter-in-law and Melanie, and then I'll be off to New Orleans to see my sister, the Belle of the Bayou. I had hoped to hear her sing, but I don't think she has a gig for this weekend.Maybe on my trip back through...


  1. You sound like you have a most interesting family and you are quite emotional about them. Hope you get to hear your sister sing - make that lasagna and carrot cake - and do all the things you love to do with them. As much as I love my kinfolks and love to spend time with them - I've found that motels can be a welcome reprieve from some family situations! ☻

  2. I don't remember if I got to comment last night or not. I know I saved the comment because Blogger would not cooperate.

    Try to be good!
    Love from NC
    Save for ‘Y’ comment…Reads nostalgic, which I find you often. Naturally I think it is the displacement, or the emplacement of you guys in the mountains. I am sure friends/family miss you and you miss important things in friends and families lives, but that my friend as you know, is distance.
    Love the poetry as usual!

    You have quite the family and I hope you are able to enjoy doing some baby sitting and getting the baby slobbers.

    If this is not confusing enough, I will quit.

    Blogger has not cooperated so far, I hope this goes!