Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How to Spend a Half Day

My niece, Marj and I are exploring;
Beginning with her hometown.
New Orleans is so interesting
Whether going up- or down-town.

We lunched in the Garden District,
Had coffee with my sister Michelle,
Drove out to the suburbs to supper
On Italian food and desserts, as well.

Tomorrow, we'll see plantation homes,
And perhaps a relation, or two
There's an almost endless array
Of local things to do.


  1. I know you got that right! So many things to do in NOLA. I'd have to drive down St. Claude past "Elmer's" candy factory, to Spain Street past the church, out to New Canal Lighthouse, pass by the old COTP station and Pontchartrain Beach, over to City Park, Audubon Park, take in Maison Blanche and Canal Street, and oh so many others!

  2. Are the public buses still running? And what's the charge these days? Do they still give transfers? In my day, .07 cents would take you anywhere you wanted to go!

  3. Sounds like 'Y' is in her element, seeing people places and things. Mostly people!

    Enjoy and take care.
    Love from NC