Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pain Without Gain

My sisters and brothers are parts of my soul
Those born of my mother's flesh and
Those, too, who have chosen me.
There is no love without giving some of me,
A part never again to be fully my own.
There is no touch without the fusion
Of a part of you with a part of me.

I must build a shield before I go out,
Something to protect myself from pain.
I have slowly given away all of me;
And been infused with the poison of many.
I have depleted the wells of my loves;
They say to turn my face to heaven.
I fear that my plight on this earth is that:

I'll never be whole again.


  1. What a bit of sorrowful prose, but on the contrary, you could never give all your love, you seem to produce and activate it. I have seen the smile the laugh, and the concern for your fellows.
    I have read the love for Richard in your words, so I know you will hang tough, and reach the deep corners of your soul, there is still LOVE!

    Love, sending some from North CArolina.

  2. Yes, Y, soul pain is deceptive like that...makes you think you will never recover - but you will. You are you - and there is not another with all of your unique qualities. In the words of a little chorus I used to sing to my grand-babies "God made you something special. You're the only one of your kind. He gave you your body and a bright healthy mind. He has a special purpose that he wants you to find. God made you something special, you're the only one of your kind." Bill Gaither You have proven over and over that you still have that bright healthy mind.