Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Simply Sadness

So many false things are said about family,
Especially after a loved one is dead.
Is it because we are compelled to portray
Only that for which we most fervently wished?
Or is it because we have truly convinced
Ourselves that certain people have no faults?

Only one of my heroes was a perfect person;
At least that's what I was taught to believe.
His only weapons were love and words,
His heart's desire: eternal unity.
This does not seem the way with people of faith
Who continue to hate in the name of One God.

Sadly, there are many who demand that we
Bond with them in their hatred and fear,
Defining their allies by common disdain for "other"
Rather than seeking for something the same in all.
What may look like lack of forgiveness for wrong done me
May be simply sadness for what could never be.


  1. A young man called Jesus "Good Master". Jesus said, "Why calledst thou me good? There is none good but God." And yes - Jesus was good, for He was God manifested in flesh. The rest of us??? It is sad to note that people of faith often do hate "in the name of God" -- but God is Love and He will never change. He loves you still.

  2. You are very apt at putting your thoughts into words. That last couple lines say a lot!!!

    Love from NC