Thursday, January 20, 2011

Who Knows Where Life Will Lead Me

I've been feeling very conflicted about returning to the snow country of Coker Creek. We have some business to which we have to attend up there, but I'm very uncomfortable about trying to get emergency medical care during periods of being snow bound. Now I have a good excuse for not going home just yet, but I'll be close enough to possibly come for a visit for a snow-free day or two. Of course, we all know I don't overnight in the forest without my man, but I may make an exception if one of my Atlanta girls will accompany me.

My governor's mansion's chef friend in Atlanta tore up the muscles and tendons in her right arm when she fell on Christmas day. Seeing as she's pretty incapacitated and needing surgery, I've decided to accept her offer to come stay with her at her Atlanta area home for a few weeks. Included in this time will be providing chauffeur services to her and her mom for their before-the-diagnosis scheduled post-op trip to Florida.

While in Florida, my friend will accept her recently deceased husband's award for his work in establishing safety standards for residential window washers at the annual window cleaners convention. Can I be any more selfless than to move in with a renowned chef in a non-snow bound city, and go for a dead-of-winter trip to Florida with a best buddy?

My many-talented man is probably going to stay in New Orleans helping manage the refurbishing of a PT boat for the World War II Museum. The project director's wife is having multiple cancer surgeries, so I may just travel north without my Richard. I may be crazy leaving my man alone in the City of Sin, but I sure like leaving him in the hands of a bunch of boat builders better than with my widow women friends in the forest. I'd hate for them to get to used to having his talents around their houses and decide to keep him for their very own.

Who knows where life will lead me next. All these people in my life certainly make for many adventures.


  1. Ah ha, I see methods to your madness. Excuses not to return to Coker Creek and the cold wind coming down the draws and valleys.

    Sounds like a plan to help an old friend, yeah you will enjoy all those benefits, but I think you would do it without any benefits. Hope the fried heals with no permanent damage.

    From SUNNY Florida,
    Sherry & Jack

  2. Y, we're looking for possible snow here again tonight. You might want to wait til it's past. Coker Creek is no fun when the snow is on the roads!