Friday, January 21, 2011

A Winter World

New Orleans in winter with it's many delights,
The food, the passions, the sounds, the sights.
The streetcar rumbling along the track
Calls the city's children to please come back.
Church bells ring out three times a day,
Reminding us to give thanks, ponder, and pray.

In a courtyard, on St. Charles Avenue,
There's a world shared with the blessed few,
The beauty of winter roses in bloom,
The scent of the Sweet Olive's perfume.
Sasanquas are still gracing our eyes
With the winter gardens' most special prize.
The Crepe Myrtle is a flirty tree,
With no winter bark, she's a sight to see,
Enticing with her bare lacy arms
Come June, she'll display all of her charms.
In a secret corner, a magnolia or two
Will scent the summer air with her lemony brew.
Azaleas abound, though they're not in bloom
Dark green a backdrop for the colors coming soon.

People passing in the streets
Saying hello to all one meets.
This city throbs with love for life
Beneath the scars of her ongoing strife.
I want to be here as she rewrites her story
And this Dame in Distress recovers her glory.


  1. There is nothing like it. Loved living in NOLA and seeing all the green trees, the flowers, the sights and sounds of people bustling along on Canal street, the screech of the street car's wheels moving along the track, the "pshhhhh" of air-brakes on the City buses, the splash of the waves of Lake Pontchartrain hitting the sea-wall, the deep bellow of the tugs and ships on the river. I even remember seeing 2" of snow there in the winter of 57/58. I have many many fond memories of my time there. Enjoy!

  2. What a beautiful poetic description of New Orleans. You did a great job inn prose about the famous city.