Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Burdened By Bullies

Bullies typically target both the weak and the strong;
Anyone not seen as normal is perceived as wrong.
Normal is defined by looking at the crowd;
Only what the majority accepts is allowed.

The problem is that, in wild animals, this is protection,
But in the body human, this is only a form of rejection.
We don't have to define ourselves by who is other,
But we continue to torment even those that we call brother.

Why do we frame everything in life as competition?
Isn't building unity part of the Scriptural mission?
Why does one have to be wrong for another to be right?
Why do we insist on making everything a fight?

All the greatest of the prophets and saints were persecuted;
Where would we be if normal people were substituted?
There would have been no Buddha, no Moses, or Abraham
And forget about ever seeing the the path of the Infinite I AM.

We would have had no Ghandi, Martin Luther, or Mother Theresa,
All of these gave their lives in seeking to be the teachers
Of peace, and love, and compassion for those considered other
From the leper, to the prostitute, to the unwed mother.

We are called upon to stand together straight and proud,
And to give our lives to making sure that only justice is allowed.
Peaceful resistance only works when there are many united,
Not against others, but as the Sacred Body Human instead.

1 comment:

  1. You are right when you say:

    Peaceful resistance only works when there are many united,

    good poetry.

    But then any 'ONE' can be a martyr trying to unite for a cause, and get lost in history.

    Just my opinion!