Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Becoming One Body

I'm called depressed, but I think that I am simply sad;
This is harder to bear than when I was always feeling mad.
Anger gives one strength to fight back fearfulness,
But we cannot soothe others when our own hearts are a mess.

Women, for generations, have been soothing the worlds wounds,
While the men were expected to be either warriors or buffoons.
This is no longer the case, but we haven't gotten the message
Now, when women are showing emotion this simply sets the stage,

For drugging those who have absorbed all the world's pain,
And are making others uncomfortable as they let it out again.
Pop a pill, submit to surgery, but don't you even dare
Show too much emotion just because you care.

There have always been men who were quite compassionate,
But in our society they were quite often the butt
Of sneers and accusations of being less than men.
They were called by the "us" society part of the great "them".

The women who were tough weren't treated any better;
This was in keeping with the law's letter.
Now, I weep and daily to the Holy Spirit pray
That we, as a society, will permit a different way.

There are many kinds of people and many varied jobs to do.
Why do we continue to promote the strengths of just a few?
Admitting our strengths and weaknesses is the only way to be one,
The society of equal partners that we were created to become.


  1. I must figure what I hit on this key board to wipe out everything I have tyuped...!!!

    Anyway back to: The old ways are hard to change, but changing they are however slow. Of course some will never change until their toes turn up.

    Great expression though. And of course folks like YOU are aiding the changes.

    Love from down in Florida 78 today and the 'possom did not see a shadow!!

  2. "Anger gives one strength to fight back...."

    The sadness comes when we give up the anger and no longer have the strength to fight back. It feels like defenselessness, but in truth, it is our first step toward trusting God as our "shield." When we stop fighting for ourselves, we are truly "poor in spirit;" then the kingdom of heaven is ours. Going down into the pit is the beginning of allowing ourselves to be lifted up. Take it from someone who has the t-shirt.

  3. I think "Sad" has often been mis-diagnosed as "Depression". People start to believe it, and some even use it as a crutch. I'm not saying there is nothing to depression, nor that sadness is not serious. However, I find in my own life that "attitude determines altitude". It's not wrong to seek help when one is depressed, or even if one is only sad it is o.k. to seek help. But a positive attitude (such as found in my friend travelin' Jack) can overcome many a problem. On gender issues, times have changed! Thank God for that!!!