Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pain in Perspective

Disasters are often proclaimed a judgment sent by God
On the soil upon which sinful people have long trod.
Do we say the same when it's our sisters and brothers,
Or are the smitten seen as simply "the others"?

There are natural disasters and wars across the world,
Why do some see these as a chance to unfurl
The hatreds and divisions of the Body Human?
Why not see these crises as a chance to unite them?

The are many signs of brokenness that happen every day;
This may truly be the chances that each one of has to say
That we want to acknowledge the part we may have played
In dividing the Sacred Body Human for which we were made.

We look at them, and cluck our tongues, and say "Let us pray."
We feel so superior to what they are struggling through today.
We do not seek to hold their hands and admit that not so long ago
Our nation had the same pains from which we still seek to grow.


  1. Good job! We should be more sensitive and less judgmental when looking at the problems of others whether it be individuals or families or nations. It's too easy to forget our own struggles of by-gone days and more difficult to pray heart-felt prayers for others.

  2. We often forget the statement 'The rain falls on the just and the unjust.' Not every calamity is the judgement of God but a world set in order by his had to operate by rules He has set in motion from the beginning.

    And yes, WE should always pursue peace, and where possible live in peace!
    This is also a good piece! LOL