Monday, February 7, 2011

Love, Honor, and Obey

Wasn't it Adam's responsibility to ask God's guidance before "submitting" to "his woman's wishes?" It is my experience that women offer all kinds of options to their men, and prefer to defer to the wishes of a fair-minded and loving man.

Maybe the real message of the stories of men and women is the lack of moral courage in many men. Maybe men suggest their fantasies to their women, and their women try to make them come true, offering options to their men. Maybe men then make fools of their women by taking an option, then blaming their own downfall on their women. If women are ever again going to submit to men, men are going to have to become more trustworthy and morally strong.

Okay, it's on!

I want all the men who think they have the absolute answers on the Word of God to line up, in any order you'd like. Now, I'd like all the men who DON'T want to make and manage all the decisions concerning their wardrobes, their meals, their lives, their wives, their relatives, their finances, their in-laws, their children, their community involvement to drop out of line. The men left standing will get to choose from all the adult women virtuous enough to completely submit to their husbands. Oh, and each of you can have only one woman. No fair enlisting your mom's or your daughter's assistance.

Those men left standing better have a great deal of stamina, extremely good management skills, and a lot of time on their hands.

May The Force be with you.


  1. Boy, Y, did you ever hit it on the head. I have found, through personal experience, that the trick is, to let him think that Any idea he may have regarding Any decision, is his very own idea. It's tricky at first, but soon becomes second hand. I could entail an example or two, but it would encompass an entire page.
    I love, Love, LOVE this entry.

  2. Okay, I don't like this entry. I don't care how true it is. I have all the answers, but I learned a long time ago to keep them to myself! The world doesn't want to know them, neither do most women (and men), oh that is the world, I keep forgetting.

    It is a good entry and it is also very true. Not many of us men stand tall. LOL

    Love youse!