Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Relay Race to Life in the Light

When we are called upon to minister to those who are ill or otherwise vulnerable, we must be absolutely sure that we are closely tied to those who walk in The Light. It is very easy to slip from a position of service to a position of earthly power, especially with the challenges to our human hearts that come with absorbing the pain of others.

Even Jesus felt power flow from him as he was contacted to heal the afflictions of others. Even Jesus had to take extended breaks from these drains on his power in order to renew himself and his Divine Spirit of Wholeness. Even Jesus felt the need to stay in physical communion with other devout People of The Word who walked with him in the Light of The Spirit.

Jesus was asked to walk his sinless walk on earth for only thirty-three years, only three of them in public ministry. Why do we think that we can continue our faith journey alone, with no human support network, while living in the public eye for our whole adult lives? We get ourselves and others in trouble by attempting to set others on permanent pedestals. We then use all sorts of energy boosters, energy diminishers, and other substitutes for solidarity in The Spirit. We also set up a false sense of servants and saviors.

Addictions are all attempts to secure a sense of solidarity with the society's preferred status quo of release from responsibility (the ability to honestly respond rather than react).

No human was never meant to be in a permanent position of power. We are all meant to minister to each other and the rest of creation as a group, with the baton of leadership passing from one servant to another, as the race is run. The finish line is eternal communion with all of creation and The Creator in the Light of the Spirit of Wholeness.


  1. Insightful entry 'Y'. I enjoyed the read. Everyone needs a break. Some of the thoughts I had not looked at from the perspective brought here by you!
    Very thought provoking.

    Thanks lady have a good one!!!

  2. Spoken like someone who has had the experience! I remember a famous quote (can't remember who said it) "Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely." I've seen that played out in concrete and not just in the abstract.