Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pondering Pleasures of Paradise

Maybe I already made it to heaven right here on earth,
With cheerful cherubs surrounding me as I lay upon my berth.
My guardian angel pays my bills and holds me in his arms;
He keeps me feeling content and safe from facing any harm.

The sea and sky so still, they could be walked across.
We could get to eternity, as they touch each other, of course.
There's an angel cleaning out the leaves that have fallen in the pool,
And another snipping off the vines with which the palm trees are full.

Flowers everywhere are in bloom that I didn't have to plant,
Though a cutting garden would be nice, this I will gladly grant.
This is not meant as complaining; it's just an observation.
I'm really very happy not trying to control creation.

My favorite neighbor family to watch will soon appear at the pool.
This oasis in the sub tropical clime is the best way to stay cool.
Mama, grandma, little girl, baby boy, all splashing happily
It is nice to have no responsibility, and yet I share their glee.

Is it a valid purpose, simply singing songs of gratitude?
Are some of us meant simply to be, and not do any good?
I seem to be surrounded by so many more competent that I;
Is my only job to express joy for the world I see passing by?


  1. Ahhh the pleasures and enjoyment you describe. We all should look at life that way. Seeing the things that enhance our lives so much so, some of us have near heaven on earth.
    Sherry & Jack up in NC

  2. In light of all the complaining one can hear (read and see), Singing songs of gratitude is most refreshing. Keep the beautiful melodies flowing!