Tuesday, August 30, 2011

OCD in Action

Richard is now a tour guide, even though he will not boast.
People come to see the PT Boat and he becomes their host.
They probably get more information than they ever thought they needed
Like how many nuts and bolts are on board and what horsepower is exceeded.
He is so proud of this project that he often is elected
To do many detailed and risky jobs that, by others, are rejected.
Like crawling around in the rotting hull, taking photos of the structure
Risking life and limb if the planks choose this time to rupture.
He then painstakingly catalogs the pictures and the plans;
These picky jobs have been his specialty since the museum began.
Whoever says that OCD doesn't have a positive side
Has never had Richard as part of their team or their historical tour guide.


  1. What a nice poetic tribute to Richard and his use of OCD. Looking forward going to the "D-Day' Museum again in the next couple yearsor the next time I get the big urge for Beneighs and Chickory coffee!!!

    Love sent from NC
    Sherry ^ Jack

  2. It would be nice to hear Richard's lecture!