Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Stupid Substitutions

When dealing with any form of technology
I always assume the jokes will be on me.
I found an easy way to substitute words,
But it led to words that I've never heard.
I thought I was changing a name from Ann
To May; at least that had been my plan,
But, lo and behold, the program when in doubt,
Sought the centers of words and cast them out.
All my many references to canning food
Were changed to cMaying; that wasn't good.
In my book about farm life this word appeared
Several hundred times. Oh Dear!
I'm going through the work to change them all back;
Technology may give me a heart attack.


  1. I love it when I am not the only one!!!! Company is nice, even from a distance!!!!

    Go ahead and finish it up!

  2. Find "cMaying" replace all with "canning". If you do small words like "Ann" make sure you enter it as " Ann " with spaces on both sides ;)