Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lasagna on the Loose

I would know that I was rich enough if when I create a catastrophe,
The person left to clean it up would not be little old me.
The grown daughter of a best friend came over for her favorite food
I baked chocolate cookies and lasagna, being sure they were extra good.
Because she was in a hurry, in the excitement of seeing her after so long
I forgot to support the lasagna pan, boy did this turn out wrong!
The beautiful baked lasagna wound up in a puddle on the oven floor
We had to scrape it together and serve it; there was no time to bake more.
It tasted really delicious but its good looks were omitted
Now the bottom of my oven looks like someone vomited.
Where is a cleaning fairy when a bomb goes off in the oven?
And my Richard is not here, his helping hands to lend.
It's time to stop putting it off and roll up my sleeves to clean;
I'll reward myself with lunch out with a homemaking queen.

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