Tuesday, September 20, 2011

What I Think About My Shrink

If I'm not the one who is crazy, why am I seeing a shrink?
Is it because I want someone to affirm what I already think?
If when we talk to our friends and relations, and they get an itch
The usual solution is to sign us up for a hitch
In a convenient psychiatric facility of their choice
Where they can pay people to put up with the sound of our voice.
Lots of life just doesn't make sense when you stop to think about it,
But unless you want to be crucified, you shouldn't, out loud, shout it.
Take slavery in a country of equal rights and women with no power;
They got the people who objected scorned, in not our country's finest hours.
But we have so many who are afraid for society to change
That they proclaim the revolutionaries to be deranged.
The sixties were about seeking justice, we should all face that fact;
I'll go to the nut house or prison, but I'm not going back.

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