Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Physical Therapy Is a Miracle to Me

Everything I've ever been and everything I am,
I owe to the time of teachers, and a helping set of hands.
The laying on of hands in good physical therapy
Is the stuff of miraculous healing to me.
We seek swift answers from pills and surgery --
Not learning how to keep own bodies pain free.
The teachers I follow are the ones with mastery
Of their subject before they impart knowledge to me.
I could have sought out a personal trainer instead of PT,
But the knowledge of physiology is as important as can be.
Strength building exercises on muscles knotted over nerves
Will never be productive in putting pain in reverse.
When will we honor the individual time and attention
That trains us in our own power's attainment and retention?

1 comment:

  1. We lived for awhile in the birthplace of Osteopathy. My neighbor out there said at one time the Osteopaths were hands on mostly, but as time went on they turned into what he called 'pill-pushers'.

    True we want fast cures in the fast paced world. When there are sometimes much better remedies.