Thursday, October 27, 2011

Rewards of Retirement

A big reward of retirement is that we are now free
To explore whatever it is that we "always wanted to be."
This can be quite daunting because, as Richard said to me,
Their is nothing quite as scary as to be completely free.
When we have jobs and children, someone else dictates what we do;
But most of us nurse fantasies that number more than a few.
One of my nieces attending college said recently
She thinks growing up is harder in the land of the free.
She said in many countries each is simply placed in a job, and
In many families it is the case, that parents are job snobs.
I know that unsolicited opinions are worth what is paid for them,
But you know that I still had to put my own two cents in.
I'd like her to consider teaching physical therapy;
It seems a natural grown up progression for a gymnast, to me.
I parlayed my love of giving parties into a catering career;
Now I spend my time writing about the memories I hold most dear.
My body can't stand the strain of long hours on my feet,
But being a writer is another goal I've always wanted to meet.
How sad it would be if on the day of our births
Our dreams wings were clipped, and we were denied the search
For what is our best use in each stage of our lives.
Dreams seem to be the only way the human spirit thrives.


  1. Dream Big! There are endless possibilities. I like thinking that retirement is just "re-alignment". ☺

  2. Richard is right. But my problem has always been, I want to do everythng. And there is not enough time in one life to do that.

    Richard is right. The decisions are daunting.

    Hey I can see you as a caterer, I bet you were fun to work with also.

    Now to the writing, WHEN?
    I will never forget the movie of the Pope and michael A., Pope looked at at the ceiling where the painter was lying on his back, and yelled up "MAKE AN END".

    One thing kept leading into another.
    This confused comment comes via Florida!