Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Talking About Tara

An absolutely perfect fall day in Atlanta,
Rocking on the veranda overlooking a manicured lawn.
Soaking up the ambiance that Scarlett must have enjoyed
Before Sherman burned the heart of Southern Hospitality.
Red beans cooking in the kettle in the perfect kitchen,
Everything in order, as in a Southern home it should be.

The busy Buckhead boulevard seems many miles away
From this backyard heaven under dogwood and magnolia trees.
What a gift I've been given to create my Cajun cooking
For the particular palate of my friend, an executive chef.
I like to think I'm Scarlett in this imaginary movie
But I know I'm more like Prissy just trying to do my best.


  1. Okay Scarlett, get to work the servants left with the wind!

    Sounds like you are in a little corner of NICE. Seems fitting for the send off of a dear friend. You are doing good, and we are glad you are there to share yourself as a gift to a friend.
    From Tupelo, Miss home of Elvis,
    Jack and Sherry.

    Funny, we are back where folks understand us.

  2. Co-incidentally - my wife, Mom, and I stayed Monday and Tuesday nights at the Lodge at Tellico Plains! I loved sitting on the porch in the rocking chair, sipping hot coffee in the 55 degree morning air, overlooking the well-manicured lawn and hillside. Just overnight - It seemed to start showing color in the trees on the mountain.